Saturday, June 10, 2006


Unfinished Estates get National Coverage...

As part of our election preparations a number of new Labour Candidates met up in Brussels to share experiences and discuss local and national election tactics.

We had a few formal sessions and then had a chance to get to know each other over dinner in more informal surroundings.

We also received presentations from a leading Dutch politician and from Mr Poul Rasmussen, who was Prime Minister of Denmark for many years and is now the head of the Labour Party grouping in Europe.

Myself and Poul Rasmussen

The timeout was extremely useful for me. It confirmed that we are right in many of the things that we are doing, but I also learned some interesting things that other candidates are doing, so I will try them out in Meath East.

My phone didn't have a signal when I was in the Parliament Building, and it was only when I came out that I noticed that I had a missed call from TODAY FM. They had wanted me to go on The LAST WORD to discuss an article in the Irish Independent on Unfinished Estates. Unfortunately I got the message too late to go on.

The Independent's article was by Paul Melia and it discussed how many builders leave estates unfinished. I spoke to Paul last week and provided him with a few quotes about the issue (which he kindly printed!). I also gave him with names of people in a few estates in Meath.

Paul did an interview with MB from the Residents Association of Ashvale Court, Duleek, where the lights in some parts of the estate have yet to be completed. He also spoke to MC in Brindley Park, Ashbourne, where the developers have failed to move off the agreed open space.

Brindley Park Open Space

I also missed a call from West Cork FM, who wanted me to go on air. That's the problem about leaving the country when news breaks!

When I got back home I had a meeting in the Duleek Area office to discuss the closure of a laneway in Betaghstown Wood, just off the Eastham Road, Bettystown. The Residents Association have been asking for the laneway to be closed for the past year: at the moment there is an element of anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the laneway. I met with the Residents Association and the Area Engineer and we agreed on the steps that are needed for a closure application to be made.

Afterwards the Area Engineer upated me about an impending crisis in the water supply for East Meath. I couldn't believe it! We had one of the wettest Mays on record and after a few days of June sunshine we are faced with water shortages! It's a sure sign that we must have significant leakage problems somewhere in the system.

politicians look like idiots when they point to unclear things in photos.

well beyond that statement dominic, why do you do it, is a conscious decision to record that you are looking into the issue. I dont think it is I think you just doing what every politician does and what local papers ask for.

Its the issue that is important not the face.

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