Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Incineration – The fight goes on

Today was my first day back from my holidays and the big news was the decision of Meath County Council to give permission for the extension to the proposed incinerator at Carranstown, outside Duleek. This will allow the plant to take up to 200,000 tonnes of waste a year.

I got a phone call mid-morning from some of the anti-incineration alliance team to alert me to the news. Then LMFM called me to ask for confirmation (the council was stalling them for some reason). I confirmed the situation with them and did a short piece for the lunchtime news to say that both myself and Cllr Nash from Louth would continue with our objection to the plant by bringing a case to An Bord Pleanala.

Some may say that we are fighting a losing battle. I don’t accept that. My experience on planning maters stretching back over two decades is that things can change and nothing is final until a plant is up and running. It was interesting to hear John Ahern of Indaver on the evening news stating that there may be problems with economic viability of the plant due to the excessive amount of landfill in the country.


At some stage it may become economically disadvantageous for them to continue with their proposal, and let’s face it, if they aren’t going to make a profit from the plant, they won’t build it. So, the fight goes on.

The East Meath Area has a new Area Engineer, Adrian Hobbs, who has transferred across from the Dunshaughlin Electoral Area. I met with him for an introductory session and had a chat about the many challenges facing the area. What with all of the changes and growth in the area Adrian has his work cut out for him.

I caught up with the Cathaoirleach of the Council, Jimmy Cudden to discuss the situation in relation to the proposed remedial works at Alverno Heights, Laytown. Jimmy brought me up to speed with the situation: the local residents are steadfast in their opposition to additional houses on the open space. I spoke to the Chairman of the Residents Association, John Brodigan and confirmed that I will support them in their efforts to get the remedial works without the extra houses.


Give Indiver an inch and they take a mile. THey must be stopped. They really are taking the piss and I don't think the government have the balls to stand up to them. FF seem to be serving the developers (suprise!) rather than the local citizens. keep up the good work
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