Sunday, September 17, 2006


New ideas in Waste Management

I got a very interesting email from someone who had seen my interview on the RTE News at Nine a few weeks ago, when I was interviewed about the anti-incineration campaign in East Meath. They wanted to bring my attention to a new form of waste management which separates waste and then treats it using various non-thermal processes. In addition, it generates energy and water.

An explanatory video can be found here:

I must admit I have always been a bit wary of people and organisations coming along saying they have found the way to “The Promised Land”, so I watched the video with some scepticism. However, I was much impressed. The system has been adopted by the municipality of Tel Aviv, who will be using it to treat all of their waste. It could be scaled up so as to treat all of the waste from the North East Region of Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. I’d be really interested in hearing from any readers about their thoughts on this process. Is it too good to be true? Should our government incentivise plants and processes such as this over incinerator plants? Let me know what you think.

My advice centre is now more or less up and running. It’s a great help to me and it means that we can deal with queries and representations a lot more quickly. Already Fiona (my assistant) has received a bunch of flowers from a satisfied constituent.

Advice centre
Fiona helps with a constituency query.

This week also saw the wedding of my sister in Belfast. It was a wonderful occasion for us all. As time goes by our family often only meets on sad occasions, so we were intend on making it a memorable wedding.

Dad and Sis
My big sis and dad leave the hotel en route to the wedding service at Belfast City Hall

We managed to keep it going long enough to stretch to one of my sister-in-law’s birthday, so in effect we had a three-day family meet. The weather stayed fine and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

it is an interesting idea not entirely new though.

A simular thing is where people can tap gases from landfill by putting pipes into the site.

I personnally i have no problem with incinerators and I think much of the stuff around incinerators is scare mongering simular to the mobile mast hysteria. But if the above is prefared by people then fair enough
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