Monday, September 11, 2006


Road Safety outside Laytown School

As a result of a meeting with parents representatives the Councillors in the East Meath area are submitting a Notice of Motion for next week’s East Meath Area Meeting. The purpose of the Motion is to try and improve safety for children at the school. The wording of the Motion is as follows:

“The Slane Area Councillors hereby instruct the Manager to undertake the following actions (and where necessary to prepare by-laws) as a matter of urgency to address traffic problems at Laytown School:

(a) Install LED flashing speed limit signs on both approaches to Laytown School.
(b) Introduce a 30kph speed limit outside Laytown school under Section 9 (9) of the 2004 Road Traffic Act
(c) Paint a Yellow Box at the junction with Beach Park.
(d) Introduce double yellow lines opposite the school.
(e) Introduce double yellow lines from the Garda station in Beach Park down to the junction.
(f) Provide funding for a traffic warden for Laytown school and commence the employment and training of said warden as soon as possible.
(g) Progress the completion of the footpath between Highfield and Inse Bay.

The Motion will only succeed with the support of the other Councillors. I know the parents have spoken to all of the Councillors. Let’s hope that the Motion goes through and the officials make the improvements as soon as they can.

Hi Dominic,

About time! It will be interesting to see if you all working together will deliver these badly needed safety measures. Perhaps you all working together will sort out the whole new school mess? Seeing as how the government has failed this community so badly, you lot may be our only hope.

Bussing babies to a horse race course, indeed. THere are a lot of people around here looking forward to the next election. We have a message to send to some right dodos!
Flashing lights on the approach, 30kph speed limit and maybe finish the path at Highfield should suffice. The main danger is a fast approaching car on the blind bend from Bettystown. Why the council didn't do something years ago at all schools is beyond me.
There is a limited no. of children actually crossing the road unsupervised at the school. Anyone walking from Laytown/Bettystown has crossed long before they arrive at school. Majority of ones crossing at school are infants who are walked across from Parochial Hall / Beach Park. This is not the M50. A huge fuss is being caused by local residents who are now trying to blackmail the council into providing excessive safety measures by holding infants hostage in a gym, while older children do Jane Goody workouts in their classrooms. Good to know Big Brother is watching over the children.
Health and safety is the screen they hide behind. Whose health - not the children with no gym or infants in a big draughty hall for the winter. Whose safety - not the children for the 10 seconds a day some of them have to cross the road accompanied, surrounded by their own and other observant parents.
Thanks for at least trying Dominic but your efforts would be better focused on bigger issues.
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