Sunday, October 15, 2006


Blogging from Buswells

Residents in Donacarney are concerned about the safety of the local road junction. Recent works carried out by the council have made it harder for schoolchildren to cross the road. I’ve been asked to push for additional markings at the junction.

Residents are also concerned about a proposal to build houses on their open space. The proposal was first mooted about a year ago. All the councillors united with the residents to fight the proposal and the end result has been that the planners have not put forward a final report to the councillors. However, as one resident pointed out they haven’t actually withdrawn the proposal either.

They asked me to push for its withdrawal. Furthermore, as a way of trying to protect the area from housing they asked me to suggest that some changing rooms / play area type facility is put on part of the open space. As can be seen from yesterday’s photo, currently the majority of the space is used by football teams; at the side of the pitch there is room for some changing facilities.
Donacarney Open Space
Behind the goals is some open land that could provide facilities

I’ve put a motion down for next weeks Slane Area meeting and will be hoping that the other councillors support me. The land is zoned open space, it’s owned by the council and we have money for playgrounds. It would appear to be a “no brainer”, but then the words “council”, “no” and “brain” often appear in the same sentence around here.

I got a phone call from RTE this week asking would I will interested in doing a piece on blogging for “The Week in Politics” show. The date suited me so on Friday I headed up to the pre-arranged meeting place of Buswells Hotel.

I met up with Cathy and Jim from the show and we spent about 20 minutes discussing various aspects of blogging, including what subjects to cover and also the ease in setting up a blog. The editor will probably cut me down to just a few short sentences, but it was worthwhile experience just to be put in front of a camera.
In the lounge at Buswells

Meath Leader and Meath Partnerships are carrying out a series of community workshops across East Meath at the moment. The purpose of these workshops is to assess what is needed in terms of community development in various parts of the county. As a Board Member, I attended one workshop in Stamullen on Monday night and one in Julianstown on Wednesday night. The organisation is about to get between €12 million and €20 million to spend on projects in Meath. I’d encourage all communities to contact Meath Leader to discuss gaps in community facilities in their area.

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