Sunday, December 03, 2006


€1 Buses from Ashbourne, Ratoath and Dunshaughlin to Dublin

The Labour Party launched its proposals for getting Dublin moving this week. These include the purchase of an extra 500 buses, an extension of the Quality Bus Corridors to speed up bus traffic going into the city centre and, of great benefit to Meath commuters, an extension of the fare zones to include Ashbourne, Ratoath and Dunshaughlin.
RTE's news coverage of our Bus Policy

Our policy is that every journey from Ashbourne, Ratoath and Dunshaughlin will cost the commuter just €1 each way. Fares to other local destinations, such as Duleek and the East Coast will be tapered so that the fare paid per passenger mile by bus and train users will be on a par with what is paid by commuters in other counties.

So, it's bringing fairness to fares policy. It will cost money, but all of the analysis done on the plan shows that the overall benefit to society (remember that word?) exceeds the costs of the policy. And if it gets Dublin and the region moving that means larger economic growth and more time for people to spend with their family and friends.

Getting Dublin Moving
Myself and Deputies Ruairi Quinn and Roisin Shorthall launch Labour's Bus Policy

I took a trip to Curragha school during theweekk. I'd met with some local residents on a number of occasions to talk about road safety at the school, so I dropped along to observe the situation in the morning rush hour.

A key problem is that the car park is at the opposite side of the road to the school. With the growth in traffic and the number of lorries using the road you really need your wits about you when you cross. Coupled with that the road into the car park is in an absolute state.

Curragha school
Walking on the Moon - actually, it's Curragha school and some serious potholes!

I've written to the County Engineer asking him to address the potholes issue. By the way, one thing the Council is very careful about is to fill in any potholes that they have been told about. Otherwise they leave themselves open to claims if someone damages their car. So, once they hear about a pothole they are generally very good in filling it in. Let me know if you need one filled!

We are still awaiting news on the situation in relation to the Inse Bay decision, which is the subject of this week's video clipping.

Advice on Inse Bay decision eagerly awaited!

The updating of the Electoral Register continues to be a concern. I'm getting a lot of queries from frustrated residents who, despite their best efforts, are still not on the register.
RTE's The Week in Politics summarises the current situation

I intend to raise this subject with the County Manager at next week's Council meeting

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