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Update on the Bryanstown Lands Local Area Plan

For the last few weeks there’s been a lot of press coverage about the proposal to build 5,000 houses and a new Football stadium / sports academy at Bryanstown, on the south side of Drogheda. The proposal was discussed at this morning’s East Meath council meeting.

Before the meeting the promoter of the development Mr Bill Doyle contacted me. He told me that Fine Gael Councillor Anne-Dillon Gallagher would put a motion on the agenda.

At this morning’s meeting Councillor Dillon Gallagher tabled the motion, the wording of which was as follows:

That the Council prepares as a matter of urgency the Local Area Plan for the Drogheda Environs

Each of the five East Meath Councillors spoke in favour of the motion. So too did the Head of Planning from Meath County Council Mr Kevin Stewart.

As a result the motion was passed.

Mr Stewart says that he will now prepare a brief for the consultants to carry out the local area plan. He expects this to be ready by Easter.

All of the Councillors wholeheartedly spoke in favour of the Drogheda United stadium. The Motion calls for urgency in preparing the Local Area Plan, and Mr Stewart has committed to preparing the Local Area Plan as soon as possible, whilst of course staying within the timescales laid down by the law.

The Local Area Plan will look at the stadium proposal and the 5,000 homes that are also being proposed, and will seek to address what community facilities (schools, medical centre, shops, playgrounds etc.) are needed for what would be a housing development of twice the size of Trim or almost the size of Balbriggan.

Whilst this Local Area Plan is being prepared there is nothing to stop the promoter putting in an application for the proposed stadium. At the moment no application for a stadium has been made, but if one is made then it will have my support, and I’d be fairly sure it would get the support of the other Councillors as well.

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Thanks Dominic, all support gratefully received.

It's reasonable to assume this development would require a review of the supporting social infrastructure and community facilities.

Do I assume that any planning permission is subject to the adoption of the plan ? and are we likely to go throught a long painful and protracted adoption process only for it to be rejected ?

Pat McIvor
NB - I had to remove a comment because it ws potentaly libelous. it referred to one of the owners of the Drogs. If the poster wants to re-send, removing the bit about the owner, then I can publish it.
Hi Pat McIvor - the planning permissions for the houses have to wait for the Local Area Plan. However, if the Drogs want to lodge an application for just the stadium then that can be treated as just a standard planning application.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Update on the Bryanstown Lands Local Area Plan":

The population of Balbriggan Urban is 6,600 according to the 2006 census. This development dwarfs Balbriggan. Why is the price of one lousy road and a private commercial soccer stadium so low? Could you build a town twice the size of Balbriggan with only one road to serve it?

The population of Drogheda is only 29,000 this development will increase that by 50%. If the only way of getting infrastructure is via these crazy deals with the developers then

a) How can we be certain that what we are getting i.e. one road that would be needed anyway is sufficient to support the impact of 5000 houses on the whole area

b) Will we need to have another 5000 houses to get other bits of infrastructure that are badly needed?
......bit removed here about the Drogs owners......

Hannigan response:

That's the idea of a Local Area Plan. It will identify exactly what else is needed in terms of community infrastructure, roads etc. The Local Area Plan process looks at the needs and recommends what facilties are needed to cater for the new population. Bill Doyle / the promoter wil have to provide these facilities. Its not just a road and stadium that they will have to give, it's the school sites, parks etc. as well. DH
Please edit out the bits you don't like. Although that information re the owner is publicly available from the CRO
Yep, I've edited out that bit about the owner. Sorry, I'm not trying to be a spoilsport, I just don't want to leave myself open to a libel charge!!

Dominic im a football fan but that doesnt hide the fact that im worried about 5000 houses being built on my doorstep. Would it not be advisable to have small developments rather then a huge one??
Thanks Dominic for your support of the future development of our area and it's future.
What's a CRO?
The CRO is the Companies Registration Office. The link is as follows:

By the way, as far as I know, the 5,000 houses would be spread over the next ten years (roughly 2,500 between now and 2013, 2,500 afterwards) - obviously dependent on the Local Area Plan phasing, but that was what was suggested to us. DH
Football aside, heard you on The Right Hook this evening, nice one - I think you're the man for Ashbourne.
can you do anything to drogheda united in relation to the problem they are having the nra?
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