Monday, May 07, 2007


One week in...

At this stage we are just over a week into the campaign. So far so good. We've managed to reach our pre-set targets for houses seen, leaflets delivered and posters erected.

We've been really lucky with the weather. Yesterday (Sunday) was the first bit of rain we've seen since the start of the campaign. I was outside mass in Nobber and just managed to get back into the car after the service before the rain came.

The reception in Nobber was very positive. Obviously Shane McEntee is going to do extremely well there (it's his home patch) but still I think it's important to go there.

The team is very happy with the feedback so far. I got a mention on the RTE Six One News on Friday night from Darren Hughes, editor of the Drogheda Independent who seems to think we are well placed to win. So too from Ken Murray of the Sunday Mirror.

We're taking nothing for granted. People are certainly telling us they want to make a change. We need to convince them that we are best placed to affect change. For instance, on the housing market, people ask how we are going to help people get on the property ladder. Here's our committment on that.

Our Committment to introduce a "Begin to Buy" scheme

We're also getting lots of offers to help out. If you want to get involved then ring our office on 041 988 6307.

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