Sunday, May 27, 2007


Election Day Blues

It wasn’t our day on Friday. Despite all of our hopes, hard work and effort we didn’t win the seat. Fianna Fail got two and Fine Gael one.

It’s a disappointing result for me personally, for my family and friends, for Labour party members locally and nationally and of course for the people who voted for me.

I’ve lost elections before and I’ve had some failures in my life, so it’s not a new experience to me. I prefer to win, but I know that the pain of losing passes and that the main thing to do is to learn lessons. The sun came out on Saturday morning and the world moved on.

I’m not sure what we could have done differently. The swing to Fianna Fail in the past week was too great. Their local candidates performed well throughout the campaign and really we don’t have any complaints. We lost and they won.

I do feel particularly sorry for Paul, the RTE cameraman, who was assigned to my campaign for the final few days. RTE are doing a documentary on a few candidates and he was assigned to Meath. He was in my house with me when I got the dreaded phone call from the count centre just before one o’clock on Friday afternoon. It was just myself, himself and a rolling camera. I reckon he would have preferred to be anywhere else at that particular moment!

I’m also sad for my colleagues across the nation who failed to get elected despite mounting terrific campaigns locally. We had some good news with the successes of Joanna Tuffy, Sean Sherlock and Ciaran Lynch, but really we were hoping for a few more as well as them.

Thanks to everyone who helped in whatever way, either through canvassing, putting up posters, dropping leaflets, making sandwiches, or just simply being there for myself and the team.

Sorry you missed out Dominic. Roll on the Seanad campaign!
Domnic am so sorry you didn`t get elected. I personally believe that you were the best person in this area. Through out your campgain you always honest and true to anyone you met. If someone had a question you would always answer it as best you could unlike some people who I won`t mention. Hopefully next time you will be lucky as I know you would make a great difference to East Meath. I really enjoyed helping you on your campgain and I hope to do so again.
I am very sorry you didn't get elected Dominic. I think you are a fantastic guy who could have made such a huge difference to East Meath! In my opinion you were and still are the hardest working candidate in this area and one who deserved a seat more than anyone. I wish you the very best of luck for the future.
Dear Dominic, Sorry you didn't make it this time. I have been keeping an eye on your campagain over the internet and was sure you would get in. You had a great vote and I am sure you will make it next time round. You must keep going, Ireland needs young, intelligent, hardworking politicans like yourself. You need to win, so that the Ireland of the future is one we can all be proud of. All the best, John
You fought a good campaign and put up with a lot of s**t. But unfortunately as a people we are too scared to move on. Don't give up!
Dear Dominic,
I am sorry you didn't get in this time. It's just unbelievable. You are the only candidate in our area (Stamullen) who did anything at all to help us. It's an absolute travesty that FF and FG got seats at your expense when we didn't see their candidates from one end of the year to the next. I'm completely disillusioned - I just hope that you are not because we really need you and we would like the chance to vote for you again the next time.
All the best for the future,
Tony and Aisling O'Sullivan
Dominic, I was very sorry to hear the results of the election on Friday night and am just astounded as to the swing in FF support towards the end of the election.
I know it must be a huge disappointment to you. You have put in so much work into this campaign and are the hardest working politician on the ground that I know.
Particularly as you have been central in tackling the infrastructure defecit that has arisen in East Meath, the result just doesn't make sense. I hope this doesn't dissuade you from continuing the excellent work that you have been doing for all of us.
The result was in no way reflective of the huge benefit
Hi Dominic,

I am tryuly sorry for you not getting a seat! You were my number one for Meath East as you are without a doubt the hardest working candidate in our area!

I'm sorry...

Dominic, I'm gutted that you didn't take a seat. But take heart from an eminently respectable performance - there will be other elections!

Tom in Ashbourne.
I was sure that was your seat. Not even FF rated Thomas Byrne (although I'm sure he's a nice young fellow.) Next time.

You should be very proud of your campaign and the energy you showed, your grasp of the issues and the way you conducted yourself throughout. I watched from London and truly thought that your campaign would be successful. You have the vision and energy to make a difference. Chin up !!
Very sorry you missed out Dominic. I'm very surprised too. Everyone I asked voted for you. I'm sure you'll get it next time. And fair balls for getting your signs down so quickly, i notice other candidates have not done so well...
Hey Dominic - really sorry you didn't make it this time out - I'm scratching my head at the result - can't fathom it, locally or nationally....
I'm sure you've learned loads and when you get the chance to sit down and analyse the way things went on the day there'll be some tips in there for next time.. There's tons of good will towards you in the area - Keep on keeping on.... Next time!
Martina Murray
Hard luck Dominic. If general sentiment hadn't gone against Labour you would definitely have made it. I'm not a Labour voter myself but you got my vote for your effort and integrity over the past few years. I just wish more of the electorate voted for people on this basis rather than sticking to the old formula. Stick with it.
hi all... i'm sorry dominic didn't make it either, but your comments about thomas byrne just seem bitter... can we just congratulate him, and works towards dominic getting elected next time.. dominic did very well, and has a bright future ahead of him. Well done dominic. keep going, the party needs u

I was so disappointed for you and for the people of Meath East, I know you would have made a difference for them. However, politics is a dirty game, take heart in the terrific vote you got. I know you from old and you have always been honest, caring and dynamic and you will only get better. Be positive and all that you deserve will come rolling in. With sincere wishes Paddy.
Thanks for those comments.I really do appreciate the support. I think that's enough comments on this post for now:) Thanks again, Dominic.
Dominic, I am so sorry and amazed that you didn't win your seat. You were the hardest working and highest profile candidate in this election, your availability and interest in the Bettystown/ Laytown & Mornington area was unrivaled by any of the other parties. No body seems to want to admit to returning the present who voted for them? Keep up the good work.
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