Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Final few days

Had a really good day yesterday. The sun was shining and we had a great reception on the doorsteps.

It started off with an award for being a potential Dail Dude. Basically, I got to nominate a charity of my choice to receive €1,000. I went for the Abacus school for Autism, who do great work for families across Louth and Meath. I also got to lay a bet for €1,000 on Ged Nash. If he wins in Louth the Abacus school gets a further €7,000.

Receiving the award with Anne Marie Martin from Dublin South Central.

I was followed around for the day by a crew from RTE. They are doing a documentary on the election and are following myself, Mary O Rourke, Denis Naughton and Niall O Brolochain.

Outside the Advice Centre with the RTE crew

I brought them to Newgrange, where we did a photoshoot, and also to a few estates in the East Meath area. They will be with me for a couple more days this week.

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