Thursday, May 03, 2007


Posters Posting

Once the posters go up the phone calls start coming. That’s my experience from two previous elections. All my poster erectors are party workers and volunteers and as a result one or two mistakes have been made. Posters going up too close to a house, or a junction, or cable ties left uncut. We try to deal with any problems as quickly as possible.

But one particular “complaint” was unusual. A lady out in Kilmoon berated me for NOT putting up enough posters around her house. I met her in Duleek yesterday outside a shop.

The others have loads up” she said, “Do you not care about us?”

I told her I’d take care of it. That’s a first for us. If you want any posters outside your house just let us know ;)

Here’s a video about the Meath / Louth boundary….

I live in Grange Rath and many people are surprised when I tell them I live in Meath. However I don't count myself as living in Drogheda as its on the way to Bettystown and not simply on the Dublin Road. I use Colpe in my address, would you think think is right, or should I be counted as a Drog?
Well officially your area is part of the "Drogheda environs". Many people in Grange Rath are originally from Drogheda town and have moved out a bit and would consider themselves Drogs. Drogheda's on your doorstep and it's got a fantastic cultural, retail and sporting life and I'd encourage you to use it as much as possible.
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