Sunday, June 10, 2007


What’s eating Bettystown Beach?

We had a presentation during the week from an engineering firm that was appointed to assess the situation in relation to coastal erosion at Laytown and Bettystown.

Those that have lived in the area a long time will have noted the changes. For instance, there used to be a huge difference in level between the sea wall at the river Boyne at Mornington and the beach. Now that difference has been much reduced. This is largely due to the movement of sand across the beach.

The engineers told us that if the situation is allowed to continue then in a short number of years parts of the beach might be stripped entirely of sand and the underlying rock may be exposed. This would have significant implications on the future of the Laytown races and on the amenity of the beach itself.

The engineers have come up with a proposed solution. It will cost a fair few million to implement, and will no doubt generate a lot of debate locally, but the question is, if it doesn’t proceed, what then for the beach? Oh, and they estimate that the benefit to cost ratio is a whopping 14:1. We’re hoping that the incoming government will give this project due consideration.

My advice centres resumed this week. In Stamullen I was asked for an update on eircom Broadband for the village. We contacted Eircom on Wednesday and the Head of Communications says that it’s still on course for late summer. I’ll keep on to them on this matter.

On Saturday I was asked by the Labour Party National Executive Committee to contest the Seanad elections for the Industry & Commerce Panel. I will be accepting the nomination, so for the next few weeks I must combine my council work with lots of meetings with other councillors across Ireland. It will be a tough and hard-fought campaign, but if I’m successful it means that the East of Meath gets another Oireachtas representative to fight for improvements to the area.

Congratulations Dominic on your nomination for the Senate Elections. East Meath and the country need more honest and dedicated people like you. People who have PROVEN that they care for the area and who have done things for the whole area and not just paid lip service. I sincerely hope you get elected.
Hey, I visited Dublin during the week of the elections. Congratulations on your selection as the best looking candidate. I was disappointed after returning to the USofA to learn that you had not been elected to the Dail.

The trip to Ireland, my first, was very enjoyable. We (better half and I) had hoped to visit Trim Castle but only made it as far as Malahide Castle. Still, there are few castles in America, so seeing the home of the Talbots was still very neat.

I'm reading a couple of Irish histories now. I guess I'm hooked on your country!

Thanks for your blog! Keep up your good work!
Great work, as usual Dominic! Thanks! Now... can we do anything to keep cars off the beach between Laytown and Bettystown? I don't mind if a family parks on the beach, but I frequently find that when I'm walking I have to step out of the way of cars who are using the beach as a road. Even worse are the kids doing 'donuts'! Couldn't we close the beach to such traffic with a few bollards? I have noticed increased Garda presence lately, which is great, but still not enough.
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