Sunday, July 29, 2007


Senate results are in

I got elected to the Seanad on Wednesday morning on the first count. It was a great result for everyone who has helped out over the last while, and it is a tremendous honour to be put into this role.

I have to thank loads of people, and will have to limit it to those that helped just in the Senate campaign. Locally, Aidan, Greg, John K, Brendan H and others helped with the NEC nomination process. On the NEC Peter Keaney and Mark Langhammer kindly nominated me for the role, Mike Allen and Adrian Langan gave me some very sound advice on the process. Joe Costello put a hell of a lot of work in as Director of Elections. Ita McAuliffe provided lots of assistance, Thanks to Deputy Joanna Tuffy for her advice on campaigning and to all of the party candidates, Alan, Alex, Brendan *2, Eric, Ivana, Michael and Phil. We passed information to each other along the way and had some fun in the process. Back at base Alice and Fiona were great and on the road I was fortunate to have the company of Keith M and Paul Q. On the ground much thanks to John Gilroy, John Kelleher, John Ryan, Billy Kyne and Michael O'Brien.

Of course, it couldn't have happened without TDs and Councillors going out and casting their vote, so I'm much grateful for everyone's support.

And finally, E, J and S of the KC were their usual brilliant selves.

Brendan, Joe and Dominic
Myself, Deputy Joe Costello and Senator Brendan Ryan

On Friday evening we had the constituency mid-summer party. It had been arranged for a few months, and because of the result it turned out to be a celebration party. We booked a room in the Ashbourne House Hotel and we had a great night. I had intended to use the occasion to announce the retirement of my Director of Elections, but the fella has done the party some service, so I might leave him where he is for the moment.

Finally, some people have already been on to me asking what this means locally. The key thing to say is that I will continue to be available for all issues in the East Meath area. If you have a problem or a question, get on to me and if I can help I will. It's business as usual!

When is the Senate going to become a truly representative body?

Today on RTE I heard some woman (didn't catch the name) mention in passing that she had TWO votes in the Senate election as she had degrees from both UCD and Trinity. Apparently this is not uncommon.

Two votes for some, no votes for the rest of us plebs. A democratic institution my arse.

I'll watch with interest to see if you push for reform of the Senate election process.

I'm not holding my breath.
Hi Knucklehead. I hear what you're saying and I must say that I agree with the need to reform the electoral process. Have you any particular suggestions that would help things?
I have no objection to a bettystown and/or laytown town council, but I strongly object to any move for a Eastmeath County Council or extended Drogheda borough. Drogheda Boro already got a huge chunk of meath in the 1970's that situation cant be repeated. County meath is county meath, where is your county pride? Anyway besides the county patriotism argument it would make zero difference, please reply one thing that would change. It would still be officials just from another jurisdiction mending the roads and processing the planning applications. Louth is Louth, Meath is Meath, a town council would be quite adequate. Anyway Louthcoco is growing Drogheda to the north. Bryanstown in the south is Meath and should stay that way. Have a town council by all means but hands off County Meath. The geographical limits of the 26 counties have cultural, sporting and historical importance, dont mess wit them or Duleek will be in Louth before the century is out.
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