Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Dublin Airport Authority need to up their game!

We got the chance to debate the issue of Cluster Bombs last week. The entire Senate was in support of the motion against their production and use. I made the point that there are still people dying from unexploded bombs for decades after they are dropped (such as in Laos and Vietnam) and called for money to be specifically allocated to the victims of these bombs.

The Seanad also debated the Fair Trade campaign. I spoke about how it can help to improve the livelihoods for small farmers in the developing world. There are currently 30 Fair Trade towns in Ireland and another 30 are seeking Fair Trade status.

I passed through Dublin Airport at the end of the week. The place is a complete rip-off! Their long-term car parking charges are now €9.50 a day. And, if you park for a part of a day they charge for the full day. So, because I stayed for 2 hours I had to pay €19.

And once you get to the terminal the rip-off continues. I had a cup of black tea (1 tea bag, 1 cup and some hot water, that I was charged €2.75 for, while sitting at a table that looked like it hadn't been cleaned since Christmas.

Dublin Airport
€2.75 to drink your tea from this table

It's time that some pressure was put on Dublin Airport Authority to up their game!

Dominic, you could have used Quikpark, it would have cost you €9.50 for same duration (1 day and 2 hours). It is just as fast, maybe faster than using DAA long term parking. No need to throw money at DAA.
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