Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sherpa Hannigan

The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre officially opening on Tuesday. I was one of the lucky ones to get an invite to go along to this historic occasion.

It was especially meaningful to me because as a teenager I spent a lot of time walking and cycling around the area. I had friends who had a place just beside Oldbridge and many evening and nights were spent around the area. I've also travelled by canoe and currach on the Boyne at this location, so I am delighted that this centre has been completed. The Boyne Valley is a special place and I think that it's wonderful that more people will now come into the area to enjoy its many delights.

The opening ceremony was an interesting affair. Historic - because of the symbolism that it represents for the communities on our island, but no doubt tinged with a bit of sadness too for the friends and supporters of the departing Ahern and Paisley. The local Fianna Failers has certainly turned out in numbers for the occasions. I chatted to cumann members from across the county. In fact, at one stage I wondered if I had taken a wrong turning at Donore and ended up at a Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

Paisley addresses the crowd.

The following day Leinster House was packed out,with people up from Offaly and other places to join in the celebrations for the election of Taoiseach Cowen. I met and chatted to a few Fianna Failers from County Meath who had travelled up for the day.

I also brought up the subject of post-primary funding. The government has been accussed or reneging on promises it made just before the election, which was something I mentioned to the Leader of the House during the Order of Business.

Later I went over to Navan, where I chaired a Selection Convention for next year's town council elections. We are pursuing a one-candidate strategy and with two contenders a vote was necessary. The successful contender was Anton McCabe, who will be aiming to win one of the 7 seats on Navan Town Council. I wish him well.

Hannigan & McCabe in Navan
Dominic Hannigan and Anton McCabe outside Ryan's of Navan

On Saturday I was out in Kentstown to talk to people about the Lisbon Treaty. As I arrived I started getting texts from a few people who has seen Miriam Lord's article in the Irish Times. She referred to me as Sherpa Hannigan after my "roundabout" congratulations to Brian Cowen during the week.

It's obviously a popular column, because I continued to get texts on the matter throughout the day. Just as long as it doesn't stick...

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