Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Putting the finishing touches to my final presentation

My flatmate Gecca moved out last night. She is off home to the Phillipeans. Already I am missing her - not just because she took the last of the chocolates and the tea with her, but also because she looked after me very well for the last few weeks.

Today being my penultimate day meant that I had to concentrate on pulling together my notes from the last two and a half weeks. I was surprised with just how much I had written down. I've gone through two copybooks in that period, speaking to many people along the way who were very generous with their time and advice.

I also spoke to a few patients to get some thoughts from them on how the system works. This morning parents came to the hospital to get their children inoculated. There were large queues forming when I arrived at 9am. I managed to speak to a few.

Picture 002

Children queue for their inoculations

My presentation is now largely complete. I ran it past the Director of the District and her assistant and they seemed happy enough.

Picture 001

Slide from tomorrow's presentation

I am making five recommendations:

1. A review of the level of expenditure on health by central government
2. Implementation of the Asian Development Bank Project looking at structural reforms
3. More training in business planning for senior management staff
4. Better communication systems within the Health District
5. Work towards setting up the hospital as an autonomous unit

There are quite a few coming to the presentation and I'm hoping that the press conference afterwards will also be well attended. Then that's me done and I'm off to a Mongolian wedding before leaving for the airport!

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