Friday, August 22, 2008


We meet some Irish Mongol Rally Teams

Last night we went out to a local pub quiz in Sukhbaatar Square. It was a pleasant experience, and we managed to come in 2nd out of ten teams. When I heard that one of the other teams was called "The Langers" I guessed that they were from Cork.

I approached them and sure enough they were from the real capital. They had just arrived by Lada car from London, via a whole lot of countries, as part of the yearly Mongol Rally. We joined them for a drink and also met another Irish Team who had just arrived. After hearing some of the horror stories about car breakdowns I think that it's one adventure I'd prefer to read about rather than experience at first hand.

My first meeting of the morning was with the Ministry of Health. They outlined the procedure for how expenditure plans are prepared and agreed.

When I got back to the office I was handed a small scroll, which when unfolded turned out to be a wedding invitation for next Thursday, which will be my last day of work here.


My Mongolian Wedding Invite

I'll certainly be attending. It will be my first time at a Mongolian Wedding and it should be fun.

I also had another meeting with some staff at the District. An emerging issue is the lack of communication and feedback within the organisation. I think I will address this in my list of recommendations next week.

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